Annuity type

Annuities are 3 types. All three types are as follows-

1. Fixed annuity: Fixed annuities are pretty much fixed. This type of annuities are as like as Certificates of Deposits (CD). Features of Certificates of Deposits (CD) are similar to the fixed annuities. In the case of fixed annuities, a specific time and percentage are fixed to pay. So the man who will chose the fixed annuities he will get a fixed percentage on the basis of a specific time. Certificates of Deposits (CD) annuities are many times referred by fixed annuities because of their similarities.

2. Indexed annuities: Indexed annuities are followed by fixed annuities.
 In some cases indexed annuities are same as fixed annuities.  Some body will get a certain sureties that he will not received any losses without joining a indexed profit. That means it provides the minimum guarantee for not to receive losses.

3 Variable annuities: Variable annuities are pretty much revert to fixed annuities. It derives from a lot of  sub-accounts such as a mutual fund or a guarantee account. These types of annuities are called securities.Variable annuities are dependent of  market ups and downs or fluctuations and losses as well.

Cash for settlement

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